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Poster Session 100 years of the Cajal Institute

Virtual Poster Session: 100 years of the Cajal Institute

Leading the future of Neuroscience Date: 12 November 2020 Visit the virtual gallery
Poster Session 100 years of the Cajal Institute

Discover the latest lines of research in Neuroscience

Check out the presentation program Presentations: 12 November 2020 Programme of the session
100 years of research

You write the next
chapter of science

We would like to celebrate the century of the Instituto Cajal with PhD students and Postdoctoral fellows in a Virtual Poster Session as you will be leading the future of Neuroscience! Present your research at our virtual poster session!

This Virtual Poster Session offers a Virtual Poster Gallery as well as Live Presentation sessions. Attendees will be able to go to the Virtual Poster Gallery where the posters will be listed and will have access to PDF versions of the posters, and may be provided with an additional recorded video presentation of their work. In Live Presentation sessions authors will briefly present their poster and attendees will have the chance to ask questions and/or exchange ideas and suggestions.

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Virtual Poster Session

Works Received

Lina M. Delgado
Amel Falco
Beatriz Fernández